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  Every year before and after the Spring Festival, there will be a unique phenomenon in China - the Spring Festival. Previously, the concept of quot;Spring Festivalquot; two words for me is very fuzzy, I just know from radio, television or newspapers, and the Spring Festival this year, but I personally experienced the spring tide.

  The twelfth lunar month twenty-seven this afternoon, I and my mother went to the train station ready to return to his home. We arrived at the Sheep Street shop under the overpass, and before leaving the door, we saw long queues of people moving slowly towards the direction of the waiting hall of Beijing West Railway Station. I can't wait to pull the door and mother into the huge stream of people. The little I had to move along with the crowd, but I was still hit by the bump from time to time. In this collision, I still want to move forward, step by step, like a snail. Oh! I dream at this time to have a martial arts master. The only fly over the walls! Ha-ha! I don't have to endure this torment here, and I can fly across the bridge and fly into the waiting room.

  After about half an hour, we finally ran into the waiting hall with the crowd. When I and my mother pulled the box carrying a large bag, out of breath, rushed to the waiting room, we were stunned in front of the scene: the waiting room is huge crowds of people crowded. There are people on the chair, people on the ground, people in the whole waiting room. I and my mother carefully stacked across a piece of luggage, through a people, finally found a can under the feet, oh! It turned out that there was a muddy water in the ground of the foot. And the water is scattered floating food residue riotous with colour paper what, no wonder nobody standing here? In such a noisy environment, nostrils is a fragrance spicy instant noodles and bread flavor, with little food and people who exudes a strange smell. Such a smell is irritable, depressing, and suffocating... My mood began to get upset, and my mother guided me to a conscious observation of the waiting room.

  Well! The performance of the waiting people is really different. Look, some half lie sit close; some dedicated mobile phone play; some relish to eat; and look around aimlessly...... Especially the middle-aged woman sitting on the ground, it devoured the instant noodles, from time to time issued quot;blue bluequot;. Finally, she turned to eat instant noodles box directly buckle to the face, neck and back gudonggudong drink soup. After drinking, wipe your box with your hands, and throw the box aside, and draw a chicken leg from the side bag, and put your sleeve up and chew it up. After a while, the original big chicken only a tiny bones, then she also put the small bones from top to bottom to suck again, quot;blackquot; to throw the ground, stood up paipaipigu, hefts the bag off. Oh! It is also a natural and unrestrained posture.

  After two hours of hard work, we finally set foot on the train for our home. Unforgettable! My first spring festival experience.

春运英语作文 篇2

  Transportation during the Spring Festival, called chunyun in Chinese, is an annual test on China's transportation systems.


  The Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese Lunar New Year, which falls in late January or early February according to Gregorian calendar, is the most important festival for the Chinese as it is an occasion for reunion nbsp; nbsp;s with family and friends.


  Particularly, people hope to return home from work or study to have a reunion nbsp; nbsp; dinner with families on the Lunar New Year's Eve.


  Hundreds of millions of Chinese people are on journey as the Spring Festival travel season begins. Therefore, Chunyun has created enormous pressure on China's transportation sector.


  The Ministry of Railway and the National Development and Reform Commission usually issue circulars during the period, demanding that coordination mechanisms be established among transportation departments, different localities and police, and that countermeasures be made in place in case of emergencies to ensure efficiency and a complete success during the peak travel season.


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  One hundred million Wenzhou owners plan to drive a more than 9000 kilometer quot;Long Marchquot;, cross several provinces and visit 180 employees along the way. (urban express in January 14th)

  Although there are many netizens questioned the Wenzhou boss quot;showquot;, the move is not real, but I still want to say, this is really an employee in the enterprise in the society are beneficial to heart warming!

  As we all know, under the attack of the financial crisis, many enterprises in our country are facing the crisis of bankruptcy. In front of many business owners in this crisis, some choose to pay, some chose layoffs, but when the enterprise finally could not help when carrying valuables away as soon as possible, ignoring whether employees are also facing a crisis of survival, they disregard of life and death. But there are also some business owners who bear their responsibilities bravely before the crisis. They don't lay off workers or pay their salaries, but think about them from the perspective of employees. Even if companies fall down, they will meet their employees.

  In comparison, the former's selfish behavior is very easy to approve of the crisis of social contradictions under the crisis, thus aggravating the social crisis. The famous scholar Zhang Ming in his article quot;the reform of the crisis -- and the late Qing Dynasty comparedquot; pointed out: quot;a year before the revolution of 1911, Chinese national uprising of the event, almost 10 thousand, and in 20xx the group events, more than 90 thousand year estimate has been reached, certainly more than a year to go, even if the buckle the two time points of the population difference, the frequency of social unrest, is quite amazing.quot; Therefore, how to control the society's greater contradictions before the financial crisis is a very serious problem. The behavior of some enterprises is just to go back to their way. In the case of temporarily letting themselves live safely, it also directly or indirectly leads to social stability and injustice.


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